Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Malaysia v Indonesia : War of In Laws

I'm totally pissed off with this issue actually...this been raised again and again...repeatedly by the media so that it is become a major issue for the 2countries...OMG! Cant we had it enough already? It just a football match..In a game or any other competition there are only two consequences...Either u win or lose...that's it...Due to the lose of Indonesian football team last Sunday lot of negative news been put up in the reporters against our supporters..The issue of laser being discussed more than other important issues that need to be conferred...

i know that periodically the relationship among Malaysia and Indonesia been tarnished by various issues such as the culture, foods, dances, song, Indonesian workers, abuse. etc..This is just totally ridiculous to me! That is so tiny miny issues that need to be taken into consideration which actually lead to provocation by Indonesian towards Malaysian..

I think we should put a fullstops of this stupid provocation..Nothing being gained from this action...It's just make the co-operation among the 2 countries become more awkward...With a big question mark here, what did we gain from this argument actually? Indonesia is depending on Malaysia for their economy growth by providing lot of opportunity here for them to make a living...Malaysia also depend on Indonesia in the need of their labors...We just need each other you people!!!!

Do u know that there is 3rd party that will gain from this issue? They were watching us all the time and clapping loudly with a bright smile...Indonesia and Malaysia been considered as one nation under the same roof, like sibling or more accurate "TWINS"...So please stop all this bullshit!

Back to the issue of AFF Suzuki Cup...don't u guys ever realized that before the issue of laser been raised by the goalkeeper Markus, both team doesn't score any goal...After he stopped the game for 5min then Malaysia starts to attack and scored 3 goals due to the distraction made by Markus himself...He is the one that need to be blamed on this..not the Malaysian supporters..There was NO more laser after he stopped the game!! Indonesia media playing a major role on making the propaganda over the issues...they keep provoking the people of Indonesia to hate Malaysia...Ughhhh can't get enough of this!

So people, let think about this together okay...It's only football game! Nothing much nothing less..Don't let a small round ball threaten the bond we had for ages...Malaysia and Indonesia adalah SERUMPUN!

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