Thursday, December 23, 2010

Director Aziz to remake hit movie Azura

The blockbuster 1984 movie, Azura, will soon see a remake with award-winning director/actor Aziz M. Osman going to Paris and London for shoot scenes in January.

Aziz, who bought the movie rights from Sabah producer Deddy M. Borhan in 2006, is currently busy doing the pre-production work for the estimated RM1.8mil movie which will be produced by his own company, Ace Motion Pictures.

“I am a storyteller, so I shall tell the forbidden love story of Azura in the most interesting way.
“The script will be revised to adjust with present times.
“Even the popular song Sandarkan Pada Harapan will be given a new arrangement,” said the veteran of 26 movies, including several box-office hits like XX Ray, Fenomena, Senario The Movie, Idola, Puteri Impian and Senario Lagi.

Aziz is also excited that he has found his “woman of desire” for the lead character of Azura, newbie Neelofa Md Noor.

The original Azura was played by Ogy Ahmad Daud while Azura’s love interest Zack was singer/actor Jamal Abdillah.

“Neelofa has the x-factor I’m looking for. She is talented and has a certain innocence and charm necessary for the part,” said the 48-year-old director who previously “discovered” actresses Maya Karin, Nora Danish, Sarimah Ibrahim and Sari Yanti.

Aziz is also looking for someone for the role of Zack.

“He has to have that naughty, cheeky, spoiled brat look, in the mould of singer Faizal Tahir.”

“I think newcomer Gambit Saifullah should fit the bill but I have not approached him yet,” said Aziz. 

Pendapat aku: Neelofa tu baru je menang Dewi Remaja pastu byk plak kontroversi dia..Seswai ke dia bawak watak Azura tuh? Skill lakonan pun masih belom terbukti...Apa daa....Kang kaku je dia berlakon jadi Azura...But we'll never know until we watch this film right?
Utk watak Zek plak rasanya salah Gambit...hahaha...sgt la xseswai sbb dia tu berlakon psycho ley la...Rasa2nya sape yg seswai jadi Zek? Mestilah kena carik yg pandai nyanyi kan? Faizal Tahir? Boley ke? Apa pun yg penting bukan Tomok...hahaha...seswai ke mamat rembut tempek tu jadik Zek? Apa pendapat kowang? Siapa yg seswai jadi Zek?

Bagi aku, antara calon2 yg seswai:

1. Shaheizy Sam
2. Remy Ishak
3. Black (hahahahaha)

terpulanglah sape2 yg penting org tu dpt portray watak Zek dan Azura dgn baek... >_<

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  1. shaheizy sam macam best tapi tu lah aura adnan sempit dier sgt kuat, nanti org tak ingat zack azura org ingat adnan sempit hehehe. Tapi best gak Adnan Sempit ushar Azura pulak