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Fenomena Khairul Fahmi : TsuFahmi

arini semua org sebuk dok bercerita kehebatan KFCM (as called by her gf) sbg goalie malaysia kerana prestasi cemerlang yg ditunjukkan pada AFF Suzuki Cup...aku pun tak nafikan kehebatan dia...Mata dia yg sharp memastikan arah bola di pintu gawang gol (sebab sepet kot..hahaha) dan kecekapan dia membaca pergerakan pihak lawan dan berjaya menafikan beberapa percubaan pemain2 Indonesia...

Dekat fesbuk, dekat twitter sume dok sibuk pasal KFCM ni...Sampai ader penyokong Indonesia pun jadik ngefan sama KFCM ni...Ahaks...Takjub dengan ketangkasan dia as a goalkeeper kot...Aku ada baca satu twit tuh ckp KFCM ni pakai sarung tgn magnet apa sbb dpt tangkap setiap bola yg disepak pemain Indonesia ke arah pintu gol...Bahkan blog gf si KFCM ni pun jadik popular...huhuhu....

aku pun xdelah ngefan sgt ngn si KFCM ni sbb aku tgk kemenangan tu as a whole team...Of course kagum dgn bakat dia sbb dia mmg terer la jaga goal dia...Tapi selain daripada tu pujian pun patut diberikan pada semua pemain Malaysia yg bertungkus lumus memastikan kita membawa pulang Piala AFF Suzuki tuh ke Malaysia...Safee Sali dgn rembatan yg cantik, Kunalan yg lincah di padang, pertahanan yg bagus dari Sabre Abu, AmirulHadi, Fadhli, Ashari, Asra etc...Aku pun smpai xley nak hafal la nama2 pemain Malaysia nih...huhu

Aku harap kita tak perlulah bagi pujian yg melambung sgt sbb takut nnti pemain2 kita akan mula lupa diri. Makin dijulang maka makin senanglah kita utk jatuh tersungkur...Seharusnya pemain Malaysia tak didedahkan sgt dgn benda2 cmni supaya fokus mereka tidak terarah mengejar populariti saja sebaliknya perlunya semangat juang yg tinggi untuk memartabatkan lagi bola sepak kita di mata dunia...supaya kita juga boleh menempa tempat di World Cup...Saat Malaysia layak ke World Cup barulah aku akan berminat menonton World Cup...Ahaks...

Selama ni pun sejak sekolah menengah aku mmg suka tgk Liga M nih..Melihat bgmana ketangkasan pemain2...Masa tu tak pernah plak pilih negeri mana tp aku masih ingat beberapa nama pemain2 yg beraksi yg berjaya memancing minat aku macam Yusri Che Lah, Affendi Malik, Khalid Jamlus dsb...Masa tu siap tulis lagi nama2 pemain Malaysia kt meja sekolah...Conteng penuh meja smpai cikgu marah...Hahaha

Percaya ato tak aku tak pernah suka kelab2 Liga Inggeris ke...Eropah ke..Sudan ke...Timor Leste..hahaha..Aku tak pernah minat kt Rio Ferdinand ke, Michael Ballack ke, Owen, David Beckham...Diaorg tak pernah menarik minat aku utk menonton...Mungkin sbab semangat patriotik tinggi kot...Hahaha...

Walo apa pun aku harap gelombangg TsuFahmi ni segera berakhir la dan kita lebih fokuskan arah mana skuad kebangsaan akan berada especially pada Sukan Sea 2011 ni nanti...Jangan terlalu mensensasikan kehidupan para pemain bola sepak kita hingga kita lupa utk menilai sejauh mana melangkahnya skuad bola sepak negara dalam arena bola sepak dunia...

Peace No War...MALAYSIA BOLEH >_<

The Fairy Tale Victory AFF Suzuki Cup 2010

HEROES, every single one of them.
The bravehearts in blue walked tall after conquering Indonesia in the cauldron of Bung Karno Stadium as skipper Safiq Rahim lifted the AFF Suzuki Cup after completing a 4-2 aggregate victory in Jakarta.

The 2-1 defeat in the second leg did not matter as the job had been done three days earlier in Bukit Jalil as Malaysia celebrated their first title in 14 years of trying in the competition. It was also Malaysia's first major success since the senior team won the 1989 Sea Games gold.

Safee Sali added to the excitement by finishing as top scorer with five goals and it was his cool finish eight minutes after the break which virtually settled the second leg after goalkeeper Khairul Fahmi Che Mat had rescued Malaysia with a penalty save in the first half.
The defence, led by the stout Muslim Ahmad and Fadhli Shas, held firm against the waves of attack from the home team but K. Rajagobal's tactics were spot on to send 95,000 fans home disappointed.

A cagey start by both teams meant there little by way of goal-mouth action early on.

The closest Indonesia came to a goal in the first half was an 18th-minute penalty, awarded by Australian referee Peter Green after Sabre Mat Abu handled the ball.

Skipper Firman Utina, however, struck weakly as Fahmi made an easy save to his left.

Ashaari Samsuddin twice came close to killing the tie for Malaysia with a left-footer that went wide and a slalom and shot which Markus Harrison in the Indonesia goal punched clear.

But Ashaari's lack of defensive discipline often left Malaysia exposed on the flank and Indonesia nearly took advantage with Cristian Gonzales, Muhammad Ridwan and Arif Suyono all going close late on.

Had Amar Rohidan not headed off Ridwan's lob in first half stoppage time, with the aid of the cross bar, Malaysia would have trooped off at half-time with their lead slashed. Ashaari, however, proved a capable replacement for Amirulhadi Zainal when Malaysia scored against the run of play in the 53rd minute.

The Terengganu winger intercepted a pass and spotted Safee making a run through the middle and found the striker with a pin-point pass.

Safee took the ball in his stride, shrugged off the attention of the Indonesian centre-backs and fired the ball past a helpless Markus.

From then on it was about seeing out the game and protecting the four-goal even if there was more than half an hour to go and Indonesia throwing on Bambang Pamungkas in a sign of desperation. Mohammad Nasuha bagged an equaliser in the 71st minute off a rebound after Fahmi had saved a strike on goal before Ridwan's attempt was deflected into goal by Muslim three minutes from time but it was too little too late.

"We were confident of winning it here as we have shown against Thailand and Vietnam previously that we are good enough.

"We always knew Indonesia would come at us and we relied on the counter to try to score a goal. I knew a goal would come and after we scored, there was no way they were going to put five past us."

Khairul Fahmi Che Mat's penalty save was the defining moment of the match although Rajagobal said it would not have mattered had Firman Utina scored.

"So what if they scored the penalty? I know in your minds that it would have changed things but it would not. We still would have been able to score and then it is back to square one for them.

"Safee (Sali) scored a beautiful goal from a defence-splitting pass and that is exactly why we are the champions because we are the better team."

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Indonesian Supporters comment:  
Indonesian football fans who congregated at the Indonesian embassy compound here to watch the AFF Suzuki Cup final live felt dejected following their team’s defeat.
“I am disappointed as I wanted Indonesia to win but the Malaysian side were very strong, especially their defence,” said Mohd Soleh, 28, after Malaysia’s 4-2 aggregate victory yesterday.

He was among the hundreds of fans who cheered “IN-DO-NE-SIA” non-stop till the end of the second leg match. The fans had been optimistic before the start of the match and had predicted Indonesia would score more than three goals to overturn the first leg deficit and win the title. Embassy staffer Syukur Kassim, 35, said the match outcome was fair and the better team won.

“Both teams were really strong but this year, luck was with the Malaysian team. They deserved to win,” said Syukur.

Another diehard fan, Abilah, 25, said he knew it would be an uphill task for Indonesia despite playing on home ground after falling three goals behind from the first leg of the final. “Clearly, Malaysia were too strong this time. But we will bring home the cup in the next tournament,” he added.

The Minister Counsellor (Information, Social and Culture) of the embassy, Widyarka Ryananta, said both teams were heroes as they played with vigour and tried their best to win.

“The Indonesian team had many chances but failed to penetrate Malaysia’s solid defence. Still, they managed to score two goals and the team should be proud of themselves.

“I would also take the opportunity to congratulate the Malaysian team for their splendid performance,” said Widyarka.

Watching the match on air last night make me feel so excited on how Malaysia team played the very best level they can to defend our goal as well to attack when there is opportunity to do so....

Yes  once again we can see the rage of the Indonesian supporters when they did spot the laser on Khairul Fahmi on the 1st half...But did he complained? Did he stopped the game due to that? Did he asked the Malaysian Player to leave the game? No he didn't! Yes the Malaysian player are more professional than the Indonesian player..If Indonesia lose the first leg it is due to Markus action stopping the match and distract his own team...

If the Indonesian supproters saying that Malaysia cheated on the first leg by way of the laser then what about when Khairul Fahmi denies the penalty kick by Firman? Is there somenone pointing laser on Firman? By whom? we played in front of 95,000 of Indonesian supporters did we??

Let us set aside the issue of laser in this AFF Suzuki Cup and accept this with open heart that in a game there must be a winner...Malaysia had played full hearted to received this honor and Indonesia also showing great performance last night...Salute for both team...>_<


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Malaysia v Indonesia : War of In Laws

I'm totally pissed off with this issue actually...this been raised again and again...repeatedly by the media so that it is become a major issue for the 2countries...OMG! Cant we had it enough already? It just a football match..In a game or any other competition there are only two consequences...Either u win or lose...that's it...Due to the lose of Indonesian football team last Sunday lot of negative news been put up in the reporters against our supporters..The issue of laser being discussed more than other important issues that need to be conferred...

i know that periodically the relationship among Malaysia and Indonesia been tarnished by various issues such as the culture, foods, dances, song, Indonesian workers, abuse. etc..This is just totally ridiculous to me! That is so tiny miny issues that need to be taken into consideration which actually lead to provocation by Indonesian towards Malaysian..

I think we should put a fullstops of this stupid provocation..Nothing being gained from this action...It's just make the co-operation among the 2 countries become more awkward...With a big question mark here, what did we gain from this argument actually? Indonesia is depending on Malaysia for their economy growth by providing lot of opportunity here for them to make a living...Malaysia also depend on Indonesia in the need of their labors...We just need each other you people!!!!

Do u know that there is 3rd party that will gain from this issue? They were watching us all the time and clapping loudly with a bright smile...Indonesia and Malaysia been considered as one nation under the same roof, like sibling or more accurate "TWINS"...So please stop all this bullshit!

Back to the issue of AFF Suzuki Cup...don't u guys ever realized that before the issue of laser been raised by the goalkeeper Markus, both team doesn't score any goal...After he stopped the game for 5min then Malaysia starts to attack and scored 3 goals due to the distraction made by Markus himself...He is the one that need to be blamed on this..not the Malaysian supporters..There was NO more laser after he stopped the game!! Indonesia media playing a major role on making the propaganda over the issues...they keep provoking the people of Indonesia to hate Malaysia...Ughhhh can't get enough of this!

So people, let think about this together okay...It's only football game! Nothing much nothing less..Don't let a small round ball threaten the bond we had for ages...Malaysia and Indonesia adalah SERUMPUN!

AFF Suzuki Cup : Final Match Tonight + Laser Issue

IT was a night like none Malaysians had seen in decades. More than 85,000 people, most of them decked in yellow, packed the National Stadium and cheered as one as the country’s football team stepped out of the doom-and-gloom of so many years.

When coach K. Rajagopal’s young boys, who had gone into the Asean Football Federation (AFF) Suzuki Cup final, first-leg match as underdogs, scored the first goal, the roar was thunderous. They scored two more, both brilliant strikes, and the stadium erupted in joy. The final score: Malaysia 3 Indonesia 0.

The statistics were plentiful. It was Malaysia’s first AFF Cup final in 14 years; the last time they made it into the final was in the inaugural meet in 1996, losing 0-1 to Thailand. It was Malaysia’s first win over Indonesia in a Cup final match since the 1979 SEA Games final. Indeed, it was redemption time for Malaysian football.

And it did not end at the stadium. On the way home from Bukit Jalil and on the streets of cities throughout the country, perfect strangers hailed each other, slapped high-fives and sang Malaysia Boleh. Football, the beautiful game, was the unifying factor, bringing together all Malaysians.

But on Boxing Day of 2010, the ugly fan also raised his head. Some supporters at the stadium showed that they could be as stupid as any lout in the English Premiership. Flares were set off in the stands, and the Indonesian players complained of laser lights being shined into their faces, blinding them. It may have just been an excuse for what, to the Indonesians, was an unfathomable defeat. Nonetheless, it was an excuse the Malaysian fans gave the visiting side.

The unruliness forced the stoppage of play for six minutes. But that was the least of the damage done. The greater damage was yet to come. For one, credit is being taken away from the young Malaysian Tigers, who worked their socks off to pull off the fantastic result. And with the second leg due to be played today, there is an air of fear in Jakarta. Few Malaysians would dare go there for the second-leg of the final.

If Malaysian fans were unruly, the Indonesian fans are fanatical about their team and the game. One of them even died in the mad rush for tickets in Jakarta. Already, several Malaysian websites have been hacked into as an act of spite and Jakarta police are deploying 10,000 personnel to prevent possible riots.

By inciting our neighbours, we have only denied ourselves a chance to cheer our team on as they set out to make history by winning the AFF Suzuki Cup for the first time ever. Liverpool’s Bill Shankly once said that football was more important than life or death. It doesn’t have to be so. The game can build great friendships, it can build bridges between neighbours. In ancient Greece, they even stopped wars to engage in sport.
Fans need to learn that they, too, have a part to play in sportsmanship. The Malaysian fans were wrong to have brought the flares and lasers to the game. Those who did need to be tracked down and punished.

The Indonesian fans, meanwhile, need to understand that any retaliation will not help matters. Anger and violence will not achieve anything. It is, after all, a football match. There will be a winner and a loser. Fans on both sides have to accept it. This is one battle best fought on the field.

When Malaysian football fans were accused of using laser lights on Indonesian football players to distract them in last Sunday’s match, it triggered a storm of fury among the Indonesians. Many Indonesians perceive the laser incident as yet another sign of Malaysian “arrogance,” and re-ignited tensions between the two countries which have never quite gone away, despite the best efforts of both governments to strengthen ties.

“I deeply regret the lack of sportsmanship from the Malaysian spectators. Such attitude shows that the Malaysian people don’t have the goodwill to build harmonious relations with the Indonesian people.

“The Malaysian press also did not condemn the use of the lasers. This will not improve future Malaysia-Indonesia relations,” said Zuhairi Misrawi, 33.

Zuhairi is a Muslim scholar from the country’s largest Muslim organisation Nahdlatul Ulama, which claims 40 million followers. Entrepreneur Bara Setiaudi said the use of lasers cannot be allowed. While some Indonesians admitted the Malaysian team had played better, they believed the laser incident would reinforce Indonesians’ negative perception of Malaysia.

“I think the Indonesian players were not good. They were slow and not playing their best,” said Benny Junito, a professional who works in the private sector.

According to Junito, the laser incident may have disrupted the Indonesian players’ concentration.

“Such incidents will increase Indonesians’ negative perception of Malaysia,” Junito added.

Junito believed Indonesians were sad with last Sunday’s match and would hope to avenge their loss in tonight’s match.

“I hope Indonesian fans will be more sporting,” said Junito.

Teuku Mufizar Mahmud, a conflict specialist, said the Malaysian fans could have shown better sportsmanship.
“I was disappointed with the laser stunt. Now the Indonesian team faces an uphill battle which can lead to a chaotic situation if they lose.”

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My remarks:

well i guess the Indonesian supporters just don’t wanna accept this lost especially to Malaysia since they were periodically have grudge on us for many issues this lately…what a shame actually when the Indonesia’s media also using this lame reason for their team to be beaten up to 3-0 at Bukit Jalil…But i just love what Rajagopal said when the Indonesia’s reporters asked him about the incident…

“When we lost to Indonesia 5-1, did i complaint? No, I admit that it was my defense mistake”

As for me, in whatever match/game when u win u just win…and when u lost u just lost…there is no reason for that…

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Orang Yang Bertanggungjawab Di Sebalik Insiden Pancaran Laser di AFF Suzuki Cup

hahaha...gambar ni wat aku gelak besar...Creative sungguh org yg ley fikir benda cmni..Patutlah asek ader pancaran laser je..Otomen Taro rupanya yg wat camtu..Tp tak sangka plak yg Otomen Taro pun sokong Malaysia...Hahahahahaha
credit to : facebook/Adi Aizuddin Bahari

AFF Suzuki Cup : One More Step To The Biggest Victory!

MALAYSIA are on course to create history in the AFF Suzuki Cup! 
The Malaysian team overwhelmed favourites Indonesia with a second half blitz, courtesy of a brace from Safee Sali and a brilliant goal by Ashaari Shamsuddin, to carve out a 3-0 victory in the first leg at the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil yesterday.

The homesters were quiet in the opening 45 minutes but made it memorable for their fans with a brilliant second half performance to record their biggest win over Indonesia in 30 years.

Malaysia will take a three-goal cushion to Jakarta, where both teams face each other again in the return leg on Wednesday. Indonesia started the match with full confidence and almost found the opening in the fourth minute when flanker Muhammad Ridwan managed to break free from his markers before making a defence splitting pass, which left the Malaysian team stranded but striker Cristian Gonzales failed to latch onto the ball for a goal kick.

The Indonesian team continued to torment their opponents but in the heat of the moment, Octovianus Maniani was left in tears when he was booked for elbowing right back Mahalli Jasuli a minute later.

The Jayapura midfielder, who has been instrumental in Indonesia's excellent performance in the tournament, will be suspended for the return leg. The Malaysian team came alive after a shaky opening 18 minutes with S. Kunalan testing Indonesia goalkeeper Markus Harison Rihihina first.

The hard running Negri Sembilan player beat two Indonesian defenders on the left and managed to make an attempt but his shot was well-saved by the keeper. The homesters began to move forward in numbers and it caught Indonesia off-guard several times in the penalty box.

In the 22nd minute, Malaysia had a good chance to take the lead when captain Safiq Rahim stole the ball from Ridwan inside the penalty box with goalkeeper Markus off his line but the midfielder's looping shot went over the crossbar. Not to be deterred, Indonesia kept their pressure on Malaysia and were almost punished when midfielder Amar Rohidan lost possession just outside the penalty in the 27th minute.

Striker Yongky Ari Bowo picked up the loose ball from Amar's blunder and played a one-two with Gonzales but his low grounder in the penalty box went wide. Malaysia's flankers Kunalan and Amirulhadi Zainal were in their element with their fast pace football, which left the Indonesian defenders stranded in a few occasions but they were let down by their poor crosses into the penalty box

In the final minute of the first half, Amirulhadi received a blow when referee Toma Masaaki gave him a yellow card, his second in the tournament, for fouling an Indonesian player. The Selangor player will be suspended for the return leg. It was an average first half with both team failing to get into their groove to create goal scoring opportunities. Malaysia's midfielders, who are normally dependable, were a huge disappointment as they were regularly losing possession.

National coach K. Rajagobal made a tactical change by substituting Amirul with last season's top scorer Ashaari to beef up his team's attacking options for the second half. Kunalan, who played on the left wing, was moved to the right while Ashaari took over his teammate's role.

It turned out to be an effective tactical change as Kunalan and Ashaari brought more zest into the Malaysian attack but the match was interrupted by the referee for six minutes due to crowd disturbance. Some fans threw firecrackers onto the pitch and also used laser light beams on players of both teams.

Malaysia's crowning moment came in the 60th minute, courtesy of a mistake by Indonesia defender Mohammad Nasuha, whose lapse of concentration allowed Norshahrul Idlan Talaha to steal the ball from him on the right.  The Kelantan striker used his trademark burst and dash tactics to confuse his markers before passing to teammate Safee, who made no mistakes to put Malaysia in front.

Indonesia were left in shambles against an inspired Malaysian side and soon found themselves two goals down. Norshahrul again turned provider seven minutes later when his brilliant pass, also from the right, found Ashaari, whose first-timer just inside the penalty box beat Indonesia keeper Markus. But Malaysia were not done yet. Safee scored from a header, off a brilliant cross from Mahalli, which left the Indonesian defence rooted in the 72nd minute.

Indonesia tried in vain to reduce the deficit but could not find the opening against a stout Malaysian defence. And when the final whistle was blown, the Malaysian fans celebrated in sheer delight while the disappointed Indonesian fans left the stadium immediately.

Malaysia’s Safee Sali (left) shoots through Indonesia’s Zulkifli Syukur (second from left) during their AFF Suzuki Cup final first leg yesterday.

 Malaysia’s Norshahrul Idlan Talaha (left) tries to get past two Indonesian defenders in their AFF Suzuki Cup first leg match at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium yesterday. — Picture by Osman Adnan
TWO-GOAL HERO: Safee Sali celebrating after scoring his second goal in the first leg of the AFF Suzuki Cup final at the National Stadium, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur, yesterday.

Four cousins killed after car hits tree


PASIR MAS: Four cousins were killed when the car they were travelling in skidded and crashed into a tree before landing in a drain at Km7, Jalan Pasir Mas-Tanah Merah at Kampung Kenjong in Kangkong here on Saturday night. They were identified as Afiq Izudin Abdul Aziz, 17, and his brother, Irshahnudin, 13, Ishraf Ibrahim, 11, and Nur Qistina Hanafi, also 11.

All of them died at the scene, except Qistina, who succumbed to her injuries while on the way to Pasir Mas Hospital.

The driver of the car, Amir Asyraf Abdul Aziz, 22, who is also their cousin, was seriously injured. He was sending his cousins to their tuition centre here from their home at Chabang Tiga, Chetok, when the accident happened at 7.45pm.
Ishraf's father, Ibrahim Awang Lah, 38, said he was in Kota Baru when his brother-in-law called to inform him about the accident.

"I don't know what led to the crash," he said at the Pasir Mas Hospital mortuary.

Amir's friend, Asyrizul Fikri Che Hassan, 22, said the car driven by Amir had earlier overtaken his car.

"I lost view of the car and minutes later, I saw a man on the road flagging us to stop. The car was already in a drain."

Asyrizul said all five victims were thrown out of the vehicle, with one of them pinned under the car.

Pasir Mas police chief Assistant Commissioner Haliludin Rahim confirmed the accident.


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Result PMR Tasha

Arini bangun pagi2 lagi sbb aku kena pegi majistret court utk withdraw case...Kebetulan arini Tasha pun kena pegi amek result PMR dia kt SMK Ismail Petra, Kota Bharu. So aku angkut dia bawak gi mahkamah Kota Bharu skali ngan aku sblm anta dia ke sekolah...Kejap je kat mahkamah dalam kol 9 setel kes aku, terus pegi sekolah dia..Kononnya result kuar dlm kol 10 la...Masa sampai sekolah tuh brapa kerat je yg baru dtg..huhu...sempat la aku ngn Tasha snap gmbar dalam kete....pastu tunggu and terus tunggu sampailah dlm kol 11.30 baru la cikgu nak umum result tu sumer....

Dari 187 calon PMR, 87 org dpt straight A yg mana 11 dpt 9A dan 76 dpt 8A...Wah masa tu rasa bangga giler la n hopefully Tasha dpt la 8A..Punyalah berdebar2 tunggu cikgu announce nama2 yg dpt straight A and bila sebut je YUSMA NURULNATASHA aku rasa cm nak nangis. Alhamdulillah....Tasha dapat 8A....Keputusan yg sgt cemerlang [sbb aku dulu PMR pun xdelah bagus mana..hahaha]

Habis je amek result terus bawak Tasha balik opis sbb aku still ade keje nak kene setel...Tasha dan aku berpakat tak nak bagtahu mama dan papa..tunggu je kiteorg balik utk bagi surprise...Bayangkan dalam kol 6.15 ptg kot baru smpai umah..Dah tentu la mama dan papa berdebar2 tunggu kami balik..Hehehe...

Smpai je umah Tasha tunjuk slip result kt mama...Mama pejam mata takut nak tgk. Bila tgk je mama terus nangis n pelik Tasha, Aku pun terharu jugak ~_~.....Hari yang sgt menggembirakan bagi Tasha dan kami sekeluarga.....

Wajah-wajah ceria aku dan Tasha masa tunggu result PMR and afterwards....Hehehe

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Director Aziz to remake hit movie Azura

The blockbuster 1984 movie, Azura, will soon see a remake with award-winning director/actor Aziz M. Osman going to Paris and London for shoot scenes in January.

Aziz, who bought the movie rights from Sabah producer Deddy M. Borhan in 2006, is currently busy doing the pre-production work for the estimated RM1.8mil movie which will be produced by his own company, Ace Motion Pictures.

“I am a storyteller, so I shall tell the forbidden love story of Azura in the most interesting way.
“The script will be revised to adjust with present times.
“Even the popular song Sandarkan Pada Harapan will be given a new arrangement,” said the veteran of 26 movies, including several box-office hits like XX Ray, Fenomena, Senario The Movie, Idola, Puteri Impian and Senario Lagi.

Aziz is also excited that he has found his “woman of desire” for the lead character of Azura, newbie Neelofa Md Noor.

The original Azura was played by Ogy Ahmad Daud while Azura’s love interest Zack was singer/actor Jamal Abdillah.

“Neelofa has the x-factor I’m looking for. She is talented and has a certain innocence and charm necessary for the part,” said the 48-year-old director who previously “discovered” actresses Maya Karin, Nora Danish, Sarimah Ibrahim and Sari Yanti.

Aziz is also looking for someone for the role of Zack.

“He has to have that naughty, cheeky, spoiled brat look, in the mould of singer Faizal Tahir.”

“I think newcomer Gambit Saifullah should fit the bill but I have not approached him yet,” said Aziz. 

Pendapat aku: Neelofa tu baru je menang Dewi Remaja pastu byk plak kontroversi dia..Seswai ke dia bawak watak Azura tuh? Skill lakonan pun masih belom terbukti...Apa daa....Kang kaku je dia berlakon jadi Azura...But we'll never know until we watch this film right?
Utk watak Zek plak rasanya salah Gambit...hahaha...sgt la xseswai sbb dia tu berlakon psycho ley la...Rasa2nya sape yg seswai jadi Zek? Mestilah kena carik yg pandai nyanyi kan? Faizal Tahir? Boley ke? Apa pun yg penting bukan Tomok...hahaha...seswai ke mamat rembut tempek tu jadik Zek? Apa pendapat kowang? Siapa yg seswai jadi Zek?

Bagi aku, antara calon2 yg seswai:

1. Shaheizy Sam
2. Remy Ishak
3. Black (hahahahaha)

terpulanglah sape2 yg penting org tu dpt portray watak Zek dan Azura dgn baek... >_<

27 killed as tour bus overturns in Cameron Highlands : Envoy: Let them decide on lawsuit

IPOH: The Thai Embassy will leave it to the families and survivors of Monday’s fatal bus crash whether to take legal action against the bus company.
Thai Ambassador to Malaysia Thana Duangratana said the embassy would assist them if they decided to do so.
“It is up to them to sue the company,” he told reporters outside the Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital mortuary here yesterday.
Thana, who was overseeing the claiming of 25 bodies at the mortuary to be transported back to Bangkok, thanked the Malaysian Government for its assistance.
“We also like to express our gratitude to the people of Malaysia for their sympathy and understanding in this difficult time,” he said.

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Dadali - Disaat Ku Mencintaimu

lagu ni aku dgar dlm THR GEGAR semalam masa on the way nak balik rumah n tiba2 tertangkap lentok plak sbb melodi dan lirik dia... hehehe...sesekali jiwang tak salah kan? enjoy >_<

eng version : this song captured my heart while listening to the radio on my back from office the melody and lyrics....hehehe...there's nothing wrong to be sentimental once a while right? enjoy the song! >_< 

by the way i also translated the lyrics in english but sorry for the poor english...hehe

Dadali - Disaat Aku Mencintaimu (The Moment When  I Love You)

Mengapa kau pergi, Mengapa kau pergi
Why did you go away, Why did you go away,

Di saat aku mulai mencintaimu,
When i started to love you

berharap engkau jadi kekasih hatiku,
hope that you will be my lover

Malah kau pergi jauh dari hidupku,
Why you go away from my life

Menyendiri lagi, Menyendiri lagi,
Alone once again, Alone once Again

Di saat kau tinggalkan diriku pergi,
When you leave me,

Tak pernah ada yang menhiasi hariku,
No one ever brighten up my day,

Di saat aku terbangun dari tidurku,
When i'm awake...

Aku inginkan diri mu, datang dan temui aku,
I want you, come and see me,

Kan ku katakan padamu, aku sangat mencintai dirimu,
I'll say to you, l love you so much,

Aku inginkan diri mu, datang dan temui aku,
I want you, come and see me,

Kan ku katakan padamu, aku sangat mencinta…….
I'll say to you, how much i love you

Menyendiri lagi, Menyendiri lagi,
Alone once again, Alone once again,

Di saat kau tinggalkan diriku pergi,
When you leave me,

Tak pernah ada yang menhiasi hariku,
No one ever brighten up my day,

Di saat aku terbangun dari tidurku,
When i awake

Aku inginkan diri mu, datang dan temui aku,
I want you, come and see me,

Kan ku katakan padamu, aku sangat mencintai dirimu,
I'll say to you, i love you so much,

Aku inginkan diri mu, datang dan temui aku,
I want you, come and see me,

Kan ku katakan padamu, aku sangat mencinta…….
I'll say to you, how much i love you

Semoga engkau kan mengerti, tentang perasaan ini
Hope you will understand, this feeling,

Maaf ku telah terbuai, akan indahnya cinta
I'm sorry for being enchanted,  how beautiful love was,

Maaf sungguhku tak bisa, untuk kembali padamu
Sorry that i just can't, to be with you,

Maaf ku telah terbuai, akan indahnya cinta
I'm sorry for being enchanted,  how beautiful love was,

Aku inginkan diri mu, datang dan temui aku,
I want you, come and see me,

Kan ku katakan padamu, aku sangat mencintai dirimu,
I'll say to you, i love you so much,

27 killed in Camerons crash (Update)

Thai holidaymakers die after bus hit divider and overturned
IPOH: Twenty-seven people were killed when their bus hit a divider and overturned on its way down from Cameron Highlands in what is possibly the worst road accident in Malaysian history.
The tragedy at KM15 of the Cameron Highland-Simpang Pulai road claimed the lives of 25 Thai nationals who had been on a holiday in the hill resort.
Perak deputy police chief Senior Asst Comm Datuk Zakaria Yusof said the other two casualties were driver Omar Shahidan, 48, and tour guide Soontorn Kian, 38. Both were Malaysians.
“There were a total of 37 people onboard at the time, 34 were Thai holidaymakers from Bangkok and three others Malaysians,” he said.
The double-decker bus was heading from Cameron Highlands towards Kuala Lumpur at 11.40am yesterday.
“The driver was trying to negotiate a sharp bend but failed, causing the bus to hit a divider before overturning.
“The bus landed on its roof in a ditch about 51m away from the divider,” SAC Zakaria said.
He said the impact of the crash was so severe that bodies were flung several metres away from the wreckage while others were trapped deep in the mangled vehicle.
Twenty-two of the victims were killed on the spot. Five others died after being rushed to the Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital here.
SAC Zakaria said the cause of the accident could have been due to speeding or technical failure of the brakes.
It took about 100 personnel from the police, Fire and Rescue Department, Civil Defence Department and Public Works Department over three hours to retrieve the bodies.
The wreckage was finally towed downhill at about 4pm, causing massive jams on both sides of the road as far as 5km away.
It is learnt that of the 10 survivors, one was discharged after being treated for minor injuries; three were undergoing surgery and the rest warded as at 7pm.
SAC Zakaria said the bus was heading to Kuala Lumpur where the Thais were believed to have been scheduled to fly back to Bangkok.
The Cameron Highland-Simpang Pulai Road, which has many curves and gradients, was opened to traffic in 2003.
It is an alternative road to the highlands besides the Tapah route.

Monday, December 20, 2010

27 killed as tour bus overturns in Cameron Highlands (Latest Update)

this is the latest update after watching Buletin Utama at 8.00 pm just now....

It is confirmed that 27 were dead in the accidents which 25 are Thailand's citizens and only 2 victims were Malaysians...The two victims are the bus driver aged 48 years old and the tourist guide. Another 10 were admitted to the Hospital Raja Bainon where two of them in the critical conditions....

27 killed as tour bus overturns in Cameron Highlands

i think that we doesn't grieved enough for the previous bus's accident which killed the teenagers but now we need to face it again...Yup it can be considered lucky that only 3Malaysians involved but the rest still life that so precious...this is seriously the time that government need to urge any possible way to avoid such thing to happen in the future....Sorry for all the lost...May they rest in peace....~_~"

IPOH: Twenty-seven passengers of a tour bus were killed after the vehicle hit a divider and overturned on its way down from Cameron Highlands Monday.
Twenty-two died at the scene of the accident and five at the Raja Permaisuri hospital here. Another 10 injured were being treated at the hospital.
According to Perak state deputy CPO SAC Datuk Zakaria Yusof, the fatalies included three Malaysians and 24 Thai nationals, some of them children.
He said the bus had 37 passengers onboard, 34 of them Thai.
No other details of the victims are available yet.
The accident occured at KM15 of the Cameron Highlands-Simpang Pulai at 11.40am. The bus was heading to Kuala Lumpur from cameron Highlands.
It is learn that the excursion bus company is registered in Jitra.
SAC Datuk Zakaria said the cause of the accident could have been speeding or brake failure.

More to come

Major bus accidents in Malaysia in recent years:

Dec 17: Four prison officers killed after a Prisons Department bus plunged into a ravine along the hilly and winding Tambunan-Kota Kinabalu trunk road.

Oct 29: Seven passengers, aged between 13 and 28, killed after their bus skidded and overtured at KM38 Genting Sempah, while enroute to Kuala Lumpur. It was later revealed the driver of the bus had no valid driving licence.

Oct 10: Thirteen killed in bus crash along KM223 of the North-South Expressway (NSE), near the Simpang Ampat toll plaza.
Dec 25, 2009: Ten killed after a double-decker express bus skidded and hit a road divider at KM272.8 of the NSE, after the Ipoh Selatan toll plaza (northbound).

Dec 7, 2008: Ten dead after an express bus skided and overturned at KM146.5 of the NSE, near Pagoh, Johor.

Aug 13, 2007: One of the worst road crashes in Malaysian history claims 22 lives. The bus they victims were in crashed at KM229 of the NSE, near the Bukit Gantang rest area.

March 9, 2007: Six killed after an express bus plunged into a ravine at KM254, NSE, near the Sg Perak rest and recreation area.

July 30, 2006: Eleven pilgrims to the annual St Anne's Feast in Penang were killed when their chartered bus overturned at KM160.8 of the NSE, near the Jawi interchange at Nibong Tebal.

Nov 23, 2003: Fourteen killed when an express bus collides with another bus at KM63, Jalan Lipis-Merapoh near the Pahang-Kelantan border.

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Wong Wien Hua Jai (Rotation of the Heart)

well, ini adalah thai lakorn yg baru saja habis aku tgk and download...citer dia best n byk cute scenes...and of course ade part yg buat aku nangis jugak ~_~"

eng version >_< :  well this is the recent lakorn that i had watched and downloaded as my personal collection..the storyline is good and there are lot of cute scenes....and of course  there are few parts that make me cried also ~_~" 





Weir, in this lakorn, is a grape plantation owner, he has a younger sister played by Tarn Kanya, who falls for Pinky’s boyfriend Pulpat Attapanyapol (Chalee from “Silamanee”). Pulpat impregnates her.
Not wanting Pinky to ruin his sister happiness with Pulpat, Weir makes her his wife. He does this using deception. When they first met, Pinky is very drunk and is drugged by a guy to a hotel to be raped. Weir sees what was happening and saves her. He takes her to his hotel. When she wakes up, she thinks Weir had raped her. Since then, she hates him. Later on, he uses this incident to his advantage and forced her to a force marriage. In their relationship, Weir secretly loves Pinky and teases her as a husband to a wife. Eventually, Pinky learns to forget Pulpat and fall for Weir.

more photos:

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credit to: Sarnworld/wiki

4 Hua Jai Haeng Khun Khao (4 Hearts of the Mountain)

currently aku tgk citer thailand nih yg mana drama2 cmni dikenali sebagai Lakorn....memandangkan kt Kelantan kiteorg blh terima signal Thailand so byk la channel2 dia yg blh aku tgk termasuklah tv3, channel 7, tv5, exact....dan of course lakorn ni mmg best2 sbb jalan cerita dia xdelah meleret cm telenovela latin tu ke...indon kalo nak diperhatikan of course ader la certain2 scenes yg klise dlm lakorn ni mcm contoh Praek (hero) slalunya kaya N'ek (heroin) miskin..pastu mesti ader part yg si hero ni benci heroin la...byk gak lakorn yg aku tgk si heroiin ni slalu kena kidnap n rogol oleh hero...haha cm dah jadi culture plak kt sana tp itu cuma dlm lakorn jelah....sbb undang2 kat sana ttp haramkan benda2 tu sume...cuma mungkin selera penonton kt sana suka kot....hahahaha

well berbalik pada citer nih aku mmg suka gila sebab mengisahkan 4 kisah cinta 4org yg mana mereka ni kembar 4...comeynya...>_<  ke empat2 ni ader story diaorg yg tersendiri...n memang best layan kt u tube n ader subs english lagi ye >_<

SUMMARY: It's a lakorn serie consisting of 4 separate but intertwining lakorns: "Thara Himalai", "Duangjai Akkanee", "Pathapee Leh Ruk", "Wayupak Montra". It's based from a serie of 4 books by the same name. This lakorn serie uses the same casts for all 4 lakorns.

Tara Himalaya

Atichart Chumnanont (Aum) as Prince Puwanes / Pupen
Kimberley Anne Woltemas as Thipthara (Nam)
Nadech Kugimiya (Barry) as Akkanee (Fai)
Prin Suparat (Mark) as Pathapee (Din)
Pakorn Chatborirak (Boy) as Wayupak (Lom)


The fate leads Doctor Thipthara, the youngest and only daughter in 4 twins from Adisuanrangsan Farm to meet and take care of Puwanes, the patient who gets injured and lose his memory. She feels sorry for him, so she let him go to work in her brother's farm.Their love have been developed quietly, but her 3 brothers who are very possessive of their younger sister don't know about it. However, the barrier of the difference between the classes that she thinks that he's just a worker becomes a trivial matter when she knows later that in the fact, he is the Crown Prince of Parawat. How can a foreign girl like Thipthara can get through the barrier of Parawat's tradition to be with the man she loves?

Duang Jai Akkanee

Nadech Kugimiya (Barry) as Akkanee (Fai)
Urassaya Sperbund (Yaya) as Ajjima (Jeed)
Prin Suparat (Mark) as Pathapee (Din)
Pakorn Chatborirak (Boy) as Wayupak (Lom)


Because of the conflict between 2 families from the father generation makes Akkanee and Ajjima be enemies with each other since they were kids. When they grows up and take care of their own dairy farm which there's the white fence as a border, the quarrel and fight often happens between them. However, under their harshness against each other, they secretly care about each other. Later, when many incidents leads them to open their hearts to each other, they have to face the big barrier. Ajjima's father is still stubborn and doesn't accept this son-in-law-to-be. What can Akkanee get through the barrier?

Patapee Leh Rak


Prin Suparat (Mark) as Pathapee (Din)
Chalida Wijitwongthong (Mint) as Cha-Em
Nadech Kugimiya (Barry) as Akkanee (Fai)
Pakorn Chatborirak (Boy) as Wayupak (Lom)


Pathapee, the owner of Thararin Resort has to confront with the trouble maker, Cha-em, a cunning girl who plans to make trouble in his resort with some reason. He is happy to keep an eye on this girl and see how she will trouble his resort. She has the mission to achieve her plan though he always can catch up with her tricks. He keep finding fault with her until he gets used to it and it has been develop to be love.

Wayupak Montra


Pakorn Chatborirak (Boy) as Wayupak (Lom)
Rasee Balenciaga (Margie) as Tichakorn
Prin Suparat (Mark) as Patapee (Din)
Chalida Wijitwongthong (Mint) as Cha-Em
Nadech Kugimiya (Barry) as Akkanee (Fai)
Urassaya Sperbund (Yaya) as Ajjima
Atichart Chumnanont (Aum) as Prince Puwanes
Kimberley Anne Woltemas as Thipthara (Nam)


Tichakorn is the Romance novel writer with the pen name "Humming Bird" and she's also the daughter of the sorcerer. She decides to go to research for her new novel in the vineyard. She has never thought that her fate will be changed when meets Wayupak, a playboy and the owner of Sailom vineyard though it's the terrible first meeting between them. Tichakorn has sixth sense and she sees that Wayupak has a female spirit who keeps following him everywhere, so she tries to tell him, but he doesn't believe her. In Wayupak's thought, Tichakorn is a nonsense and meddlesome girl. But he doesn't know since when she has been in his heart and he can't let her go.

P/S: citer ni mmg klaka la...paling klaka adalah ketiga2 lelaki nih sbb very protective pada adik pompuan diaorg....even after adik diaorg da kawen pun msh byk lagi la scene2 yg lucu bila dia org start suka pompuan....

nak tgk citer nih dlm u-tube ley la check kt channel wishboniko :