Sunday, October 30, 2011

Scent of A Woman [Korean Drama]'s seem a long gap after i had watched Secret Garden by Ha Ji Won & Hyun Bin...Nowadays im quite picky in watching korean drama since it's always come with a package of the same and lame and stereotype storyline...Im trying to find a series which is run from the cliche plot with a rich guy fallen for a poor girl which basically the guy already had sum1 he loved (argghhh it's killing me to watch sumtin like's fun to watch for the 1st to 3rd series with the same plot but if you had been fed with the same thing it makes me wanna puke ~_~" am i exaggeratedly giving such review..hahahaha

As for now, the most heart-wrenching drama captured my interest to watch episode by episode without feeling bored in the middle is Scent of A Woman by Kim Sun Ah and Lee Dong Wook. So basically im not a fan of LDW but i do like KSA since My Name Is Kim Sam Soon..Since she is the romantic comedy queen so im looking forward for the series. But it's totally differ for what i expected actually...It a sad-romantic comedy series that will make you burst into so addicted with the drama. Especially KSA had lost weight (i think it's a very...very...lot of effort to do such diet)...

So basically the story was like this:-

Scent of a Woman" is a romantic-comedy that depicts the life of a 30'ish woman who works as a low-level clerk. She works hard, but lives her life without much joy. She then learns that she is dying. The woman decides to travel aboard to find happiness ...
Lee Yeon-Jae (Kim Sun-A) works at travel agency Line Tour as an under appreciated assistant. She's often tasked to do menial jobs by her boss, but she never refuses out of fear of being fired. Lee Yeon-Jae supports her mother and without her job believes she will not be able to get married.
One day, because of a car accident, Lee Yeon-Jae goes to the hospital. There she meets Dr. Chae Eun-Suk (Uhm Ki-Joon). As children, Yeon-Jae and Eun-Suk were friends, but Eun-Suk now acts as if he does not know her. Dr. Eun-Suk informs Yeon-Jae that she has a tumor and needs another examination. Yeon-Jae goes back to the company and asks for a day off to get the medical examination. Instead of getting the day off, Yeon-Jae is assigned to be a guide for high profile client Andy Wilson.
Kang Ji-Wook (Lee Dong-Wook) is the only son of Line Tour's company president. He is good looking, physically fit, rich and the successor to the company, but he isn't excited by anything. His father planned his marriage to Im Se-Kyung (Seo Hyo-Rim), the daughter of conglomerate Seo-Jin. Im Se-Kyung is beautiful, but highly arrogant. She's the one who arranged for musician Andy Wilson's one day tour.
Meanwhile, the tour for Andy Wilson encounters turbulence. A misunderstanding for his lunch includes pork which is forbidden by Andy Wilson's Muslim religion. Andy Wilson becomes furious and returns to his hotel. To make-up for the misunderstanding, Yeon-Jae visits Andy Wilson's hotel with traditional Korean rice cake which she believes he may enjoy. Shortly later, Andy Wilson discovers that his ring is missing. Im Se-Kyung and Andy Wilson both suspect that Yeon-Jae stole the ring. Yeon-Jae vehemently denies taking the ring, but she is eventually slapped by Im Se-Kyung.
Yeon-Jae, under a lot duress, finally goes to the hospital for her re-examination. Yeon-Jae is informed by Dr. Eun-Suk that she has cancer and is expected to live for only 6 more months. Still in shock, Yeon-Jae returns to her office. When her boss starts to pick on her yet again, Yeon-Jae finally reaches her boiling point. She throws her resignation, which she wrote a long time ago, to his face and leaves her job 

You can read the episode recap at : dramabeans : Scent of a Woman Episodes Recap
You can download the drama at : or whatever site that you can find when you google it >_< or search the files at filestube ^_^


  1. Smart giler blog kau ni!
    mmg minat habis aku dengan kisah scent of a woman nih!
    Thanks for the blog

  2. Selepas nonton kesluruhan episode, Scent of a Woman betul2 the bestt!! intinya sih agak mirip A Walk to Remember deee & ckckck Lee Dong Wooknya ganteng banget klo lagi bercucuran air mata XD komennya sih, ceritanya bagus & totalitas penghayatan peran dlm masing - masing karakter benar- benar luar biasa, beda dari dorama korea yg lain

  3. erghh...where can i watch this videoo.....

  4. you can watch it online at : or or :)