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Kuaga Otomen ^ ^

dari kecik lagi aku memang suka nengok skang ni aku jumpa website ni pasal kuaga nak share2 la...heheheh

Height: 40 meters
Weight: 35.000 tons
Flying Speed: Mach 5
First Television Appearance: Ultraman July 1966
Alter ego: Science Patrol Officer Hayata
Method of Transformation: The Beta Capsule
The most experienced of the Ultra-Fighters. Ultraman is a pure fighting machine. One of the best at hand-to-hand combat, Ultraman’s powers is equal to that of Godzilla, the King of the Monsters, possessing great strength, although unlike Godzilla, Ultraman can fly.  He can also teleport himself from one place to another, as well as relying on a large arsenal of weapons.  His main weapons are the Spacium Ray (which he directs by crossing his arms and hands) and The Ultra Slash, a pure white hot energy ring (that can slice through anything), which he throws from his right shoulder.  He can also change his size from microscopic to giant.   
Height: 40 meters
Weight: 35.000 tons
Flying Speed: mach 7
First Television Appearance: Ultra-Seven October 1967.
Alter ego: Dan Moroboshi
Method of Transformation: The Ultra Eye
This Ultra-Hero is the most famous of all the Ultra-Fighters.  Renowned for his sharp cunning, Ultra-Seven's main weapons are the Emulium Rays and his very deadly Eyeslugger, a powerful boomerang like blade that can also emit energy that is located atop on his head which he throws and can cut though almost anything into pieces. Ultra-Seven wears a chest mounted sun-absorbing unit, which can provide him with a never-ending energy charge.  The unit unfortunately, is non-operational in extreme cold temperatures.

Height: 40 tons
Weight: 35,000
Flying Speed: mach 5
First Television Appearance: The Return of Ultraman April 1971
Alter ego: Hideki Goh
Method of Transformation: Calls “Ultraman Jack” by sheer will.
This Ultraman is nearly identical to the first Ultraman.  He has identical powers.  Later on in this series Jack obtained the Ultra-Bracelet, given to him by Ultra-Seven.  This Bracelet can change into any weapon Jack requires to defeat his foes.  Jack is also called "Shin (New) Ultraman."

Height: 40 meters
Weight: 35,000
Flying Speed: mach 5
First Television Appearance: Ultraman Ace April 1972
Alter egos: Seiji Hokuto and Yoko Minami (later when Yoko resumes Luna's identity, Seiji takes the mantle of being the alter ego of Ultraman Ace)
Method of Transformation: The Ultra-Rings
Ultraman Ace is the Ultra who can create almost unlimited assortment of energy rays. As well he can travel through time and space and traverse dimensions. Ace is skilled in using Ultra-Barriers for defense and attack. His main weapon is the Metallium Rays and the Ultra-Guillotines. Plus his helmet can absorb power that can recharge him fully in just seconds.   
Height: 35 meters
Weight: 55.000 tons
Flying Speed: mach 20
First Television Appearance: Ultraman Taro April 1973
Alter ego: Kotaro Higashi
Method of Transformation: The Ultra-Star Badge
Ultraman Taro is the sixth Ultra-Brother introduced to the Ultra-Universe (Ultraman Zoffy appeared in the last episode of Ultraman).  Taro was specifically trained to be the most powerful Ultraman of all, personally trained by Ultra-Father from childhood to accomplish this.  Taro wears the Ultra-Horns on his head.  These are the most powerful of all energy absorbing devices. With these horns Taro can absorb as many as six Ultramen lives at once and become a Super Ultraman.  In this state he can emit the universe’s most powerful ray, The Cosmo Miracle Ray.  Taro also wears the Ultra-Chest protector, which can deflect back any energy projected towards him. In addition Taro wears an Ultra-Bracelet (like Ultraman Jack's), which can become many weapons and objects Taro needs to defeat his foes.  Taro's other special powers include the Ultra-Dynamite, which can transform his whole body into a wall of flames, deadly to his enemies.

Height: 52 meters
Weight: 48.000 tons
Flying Speed: mach 7
First Television Appearance: Ultraman Leo April 1974
Alter ego: Gen Otori
Method of Transformation: The Leo Ring

Leo was the first Ultra-Hero was not from M78 but was in The Lion Constellation of L77.  Leo came to Earth and received training by Dan Moroboshi (Ultra-Seven) in order to protect Earth from the evil Magma invaders and their super-monsters.   Leo’s individual powers include the CrossBeam and his deadly Ultra-Kick (his feet become burning energy).  Later on Leo received a weapon called the Ultra-Cloak, which can be changed into many different types of weapons.  Ultraman King (The ruler of M78) gave Leo this gift. 

Height: 70 meter
Flying Speed: mach 8
First Television Appearance: The ULTRAMAN (animated series)
Alter ego: Choichrio Hikari
Method of Transformation: Star Beam Flasher
Ultraman Jonias is part of a group of Ultra-Beings that immigrated to another galaxy and then defends the Earth from invasions of giant kaijus. Jonias is the best fighter of his U-40 group. His best weapon of attack is the Platinum Energy Ball.

Height: 50 meters
Weight: 44.000
Flying Speed: mach 9
First Television Appearance: Ultraman 80 April, 1980
Alter ego: Takeshi Yamato
Method of Transformation: The Bridal Stick
This fighter is among the most agile Ultra-Heroes. Ultraman 80's special powers include his own Ultra-Kick (that his feet can become burning energy).  Among his various weapons are the Sacksuim Rays and the Buckle Beams; rays that spring from his diamond shaped buckle.  These beams can burn anything into cinders.

Height: 60 meters
Weight: 59.000 tons
Flying Speed: mach 26
First Television Appearance (released on video): Ultraman Towards the Future September 1990
Alter ego: Jack Shindo
Method of Transformation: Delta Plasma Pendent
Ultraman Great is one of the fastest and strongest of the Ultra-Brothers.  He is much better in attack than at defense.  His main weapons are his Magnum Shot and Burning Plasma.

Height: 55 meters
Weight: 55.000 tons
Flying Speed: mach 27
First Television Appearance (released to video): Ultraman the Ultimate Hero 1995
Alter ego: Kenichi Kai
Method of Transformation: The Beta Capsule (updated version)
This Ultra Hero is better at defending himself than Ultraman Great, and is very weak in attack.  His main weapons are the Ultra-Energy Balls, Small Slicer Rings and the Mega-Koshin Spacium Ray, but his "Ultra-Shove and Ultra-Push" are his best methods of fighting.  

Height: 58 meters
Weight: 59.000 tons
Flying Speed: mach 29
First Television Appearance: Aborted 1996 television pilot.
First Upcoming video Release: Ultraman Neos (sometime this year of 2000)
Alter ego: Genki Kagura
Method of Transformation: Estreilar
Ultraman Neos is as acrobatic as Ultraman 80 and Ultraman Zearth.  And he flies the fastest of all the Ultra-Beings. His weapons include the Ultra-Light barriers and his Neos Spacium Ray.  Note: any other powers are yet to be revealed in his new upcoming video series.    
Height: 60 meters
Weight: 54,540 tons
Flying Speed: 19.9
First Film Appearance: Ultraman's Wounderful World March 1996
Alter ego: Katsuto Asahi
Method of Transformation: An electric toothbrush
The second Ultra-Being not hail from outside of M78 and one of the klutzy Ultra-Heroes.  Ultraman Zearth is from Z95 the Land of the Flash.  He can fight extremely well due to some training he received from going to a karate school as Katsuto Asahi.  His main weapons of attack are the flying drop kick and his famous Space Supula Beam.  Note: Zearth had a dreaded fear of dirt and grime, however he overcame that.  

Height: 53 meters
Weight: 44.000 tons
Flying Speed: mach 5
First Television Appearance: Ultraman Tiga September 1996
Alter ego: Daigo
Method of Transformation: The Spark Lance
Ultraman Tiga is the last surviving of three Ultra-Beings who were stationed on Earth thousands of years ago to protect it from giant monsters.  Tiga is one of the first Ultramen with the ability to change his colors of his costume to call upon powers to defeat his opponents. He can shift his powers into 3 forms.  Multi Type, is his regular form (Silver, White and Purple) for his regular rays.  Sky Type (purple) is used for hyper speed in either running or fighting and Power Type (all red), is used as a last resort for ultimate strength and the most powerful weapons.  Later in the last episode of Ultraman Tiga: Tiga appears in a Glitter like form mode.  Note: In the new movie Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey, Ultraman Tiga will be in five different mode. There will be added 3 new modes.

Height: 55 meters
Weight: 45.000 tons
Flying Speed mach 8 (flash type) mach 5 (strong type) mach 10 (miracle type)
First Television Appearance: Ultraman Dyna September 1997
Alter ego: Shin Asuka
Method of Transformation: The Red Flasher
Ultraman Dyna is another Ultra-Hero that has the power to transform into 3 different types of modes in combat.  His are; Flash Type (standard mode) where he can unleash the powerful Solgent Beam, 1000-meter jump and mach 3 running speed.  Strong Type, which for serious hand to hand combats against very powerful super monsters and Miracle Type.  This last mode is a very strange mode.  It enables Dyna to have special telekinetic powers and weapons like the Revolium Wave.  Also he has a 1500-meter jump and mach 5 running.   
Height: 52 meters
Weight: 46.000 tons
Flying Speed mach 15
First Television Appearance: Ultraman Gaia September, 1998
Alter ego: Gamu Takayama
Method of Transformation: The Espendler
The latest Ultra-Hero, Ultraman Gaia is the third Ultra who can transform into various forms.  Gaia is excellent in hand to hand combat.  As a last resort, if necessary, Ultraman Gaia can transform into Supreme Gaia to defeat his foes. In this state he can unleash his most powerful weapons, however this can deplete his energies very quickly.

Height: 52 meters
Weight: 46.000 tons
Flying Speed: mach 15
First Appearance: Ultraman Gaia
Alter ego: Fujiyama Hiroya
Method of Transformation: The Agulator
Ultraman Agul is the rival of Ultraman Gaia.  Unlike Gaia who protects mankind. Agul prefers to protect the Earth itself not mankind.  Agul is a very vicious fighter when it comes to this. He and Gaia from time to time came to blows because of their differences.  Agul has many weapons that he doesn't have any qualms in using to destroy his enemies.  His main weapon is the Photon Crusher beam.   Although enemy’s Agul and Gaia soon became friends even uniting against a terror flying seizen nearly 100's of times their own giant sizes.


  1. huwaaa~ rajinnyer carik psl ottomen... dl mase tecik2 tite cuke aar ottomen, tp bile skang nih tite dh besaaaarrr (besar umo n badan... ;P) tite tak tgk ottomen dh... last tite tgk ottomen mase tuh ottomen sume adik badik dia lawan n kene tangkap ngan org jahat.. pehtu kn, bapak dia kn, turun lawan yg jahat tuh... tu je tite ingat... (^_^)v

  2. eh aku pon tgk la episod tu...yg satu family dtg tolong tu kan? part tu je dlm 3 episod kot...haha mcm family gathering...ala td kt VF dok men2 pasal otomen pastu teringin nak google...hahahaha ^ ^ [besa umo ngn badan gak T T]