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Summer Desire 12-16 [Last Chapter]

this is merely review..well since im totally addicted to Summer Desire [both novel and drama] i thought these review helping me a lot with overall story...by the way glad that Xia Mo and Ou Chen ended up together :)

Chapter 12 – 16
So Xiao Cheng is back into the hospital, and he has been sleeping and fainting a lot. Xiao Cheng keeps promising Summer that he will never leave her. During that time, Xiao Cheng plans to have an Art Gallery to display his pieces of works. Ozen of cause was by their side supporting Summer especially as she’s worrying about Xiao Cheng every minute. Eventually Xiao Cheng’s situation worsen. Summer over hears Ozen urm half screaming and demanding at the doctors why Xiao Cheng can’t be cured. It seems, Xiao Cheng has reach his last stage. (OMG! T.T) He even said he hired them (from overseas) to cure him not to give him answers and say he can’t be cured. Summer stunned just walks away. Xiao Cheng finally fell back into coma and this time it’s worst. The doctors tried to revive him but in the to avail his heart did not beat at all. Summer who goes mentally unstable keeps crying and says Xiao Cheng is not dead and she goes mentally unstable and sees Xiao Cheng telling her that he’ll never leave her.

Summer turns mentally unstable, she keeps hallucinating Xiao Cheng is still alive and everyday she never fails to pretty his favourite dish. Ozen keeps convincing her to move on as Xiao Cheng is dead but she had no reaction. when he begged her to at least eat some food because she has become so think that it frightened him. But when she tried to eat, she threw up in the end. Zhen En who couldn’t beat Summer to be like that anymore shouted at her telling her that she Xiao Cheng is dead. Eventually Loshii came and visit her and at least Summer gave some reaction. Loshii was thinner but healthier in a way and Ozen was getting thinner and thinner. Loshii asks whether he could visit Summer from now on, Ozen replies and says that if he can help her start over, he’ll be the one leaving instead. And so everyday, Loshii comes and visit Summer and sings her songs. One day, Summer was invited to audition for a movie and it was somewhat related to her situation. Zhen En says that no matter what they had to awake Summer. Summer lost 30KG ++ due to depression. Morever, everytime she eats she ends up throwing up. Ozen decides to bring her to audition because she has to wake up no matter what happens and so off they went! Shu Er and Hui Ni were debating whether Summer would turn up. Summer appeared!! Shu Er volunteered to take of Summer while the make up artist fixes Summer up. And so the Audition begins. But while the director was speeching he was impressed with Summer emotions because she was tearing up as her mind keeps replaying about people saying Xiao Cheng is dead scenario. The director was really impressed with Summer’s performance though she was crying truly. Hui Ni felt unsatisfied and started insulting Summer and that Xiao Cheng death is her retribution. Summer was the last to audition due to her condition. But she performed very well, because she was feeling the real pain through real experience, Director Wu >> his name, praises Summer for being a real actress and that he belives with his own eyes that Summer is one of the naturally talented actresses. Hui Ni felt so unsatisfied that she told cruelly said that it’s because she just lost her brother she could only act. Ozen takes her away and Director questions whether is she able to act and Ozen just asked Summer and she in return gives him a nod! Yes a reaction!!!

News said that Loshii will be playing the role of the brother for the movie as well. Zhen En was a little worried that Ozen will pull Summer out from the set. But ever since the audition Summer seems to be improving. So comes the first day of filming and Summer had spent the whole night memorizing the script none stop. Ozen woke up early that morning to cook her breakfast and poor him he had burns on his hands, he fried the egg so many times and finally was successful. He convinces her to eat and she did and this time she never vomit. It made him so happy and decided to ask her to drink some milk and she did! As days pass Summer is cut into a two person character during the filming. One time, Shen caretaker tells Ozen and says that Xiao Cheng sent Summer a letter. Quickly and carefully he handed her to letter. It says…


When you receive this letter I am already in heaven. Don’t be sad, don’t cry. I’m fine in heaven except maybe sometimes I may miss you a lot. Sis, I really didn’t want to leave you but like you said God is fair and he always gives and takes. God gave you me to be your brother and gave you me as my sister. This is his greatest gift for me. Sis, do you know I love you so much, if he gives me another chance I would choose to be your brother again and again. This is why I feel very happy. Please do not be sad for me ok? I’m only leaving you temporarily. I’ll return by your side very soon. So during this period please live in harmony and enjoy many wonders of the world. So, I’m leaving you for a while only. When that time comes I want to be your big brother and pamper you like a little princess. Or maybe sooner I’ll be back. Maybe I’ll be the little doll(baby) and sneak into you stomach. HeeHee, sis you’ll only wouldn’t be able to see me temporarily but I’ll always be watching over you from above. When you’re happy I’ll be 100 times happy, when you’re sad I’ll be 100 times sad.

Sis, for me please be happy everyday, ok? I will always love you.

Your Xiao Cheng.

Little drops of tears streams from Summer and she fainted.

When Summer wakes up, she feels that she has been in a very long dream.

“Mr.Oh congratualations. You’re wife has been pregnant for two months….” The doctor gave Ozen a handshake as he said that. Suddenly Summer felt someone holding her hands tightly and it was shaking and then a mans face held her her had to cover his face. He was crying on her palms. (We know the man is Ozen)

“Did you hear that Summer? You’re carrying our child.”


Ozen wakes up in the morning and does grocery shopping! Though he’s very worried about leaving Summer alone in the house. So he quickly billed and left the supermarket. Ozen was pretty excited about the baby, he even stopped by and had a glance at the toys department. When he returned home he couldn’t find Summer and he freaked. He found her walking though the entrance and quickly snatch her into his arms. He kept calling her name as he crushed her in his arms. He asked where did she go and she said she went to visit the doctor because her condition for the past two months wasn’t very good, so she was wondering whether it affected the baby. Well luckily no. Summer said she was sorry because of her he suffered so much and was so skinny now. She asked him to give her one more chance to full filled her role as a wife. Summer also continued with her filming for the movie, Ozen says its her choice to quit or not but if she ever feels tired she has to rest. Before the shoot, Summer tells her child her sudden tears and laughter are just acting so she tell her not to be afraid. One of the days, Loshii and Summer visits Xiao Cheng’s grave and there was some talking bout how Loshii who was playing the brother role couldn’t even draw and had to use Xiao Cheng’s drawings and etc. When Summer returned home, Ozen had prepared her dinner and she was quite impressed that the bosy him could actually cook some good dishes. So the story continues. Ozen is reminiscing about all his memories Summer and finds her waiting for him in his office. Lots of Hubby and Wifey moments between the two though Ozen is still stoning like usual but at least he has a little more emotions now. Surprisingly Ozen decorated and build the nursery room for their child. Summer asks why were there two rooms and he said if it’s a boy they’ll use the blue room, if it’s a girl they’ll use the pink room. (So sweet!)
But as time passes Summer finds it weird bout Ozen’s behavior. Ozen is in his study room attempting to write a letter. Oh yes, the movie Summer filmed was nominated for best movie/drama of the year. Summer invite Ozen to attend with but he declines and says he’ll be very busy that day. On the award day, Summer attends the award show with Pan Nan and Paparazzi swarm her with millions of question involving her separation with Ozen, no such thing obviously! Out of the blue Hui Ni in front of Paparazzi cries and begs Summer to forgive her because Ozen apparently ended her career life and she has no more paths! Before Summer could say anything Pan Nan spoke up and said whether hadn’t she had enough. Using Summer to get on headlines, harming Summer in many ways but in the end she only hurts herself. Morever, her acting skills is so fake, crying so fake-ly. Even the paparazzi laughs at her. Summer out of kindness offers her a handkecheif and tells her to use this strength of hers to work hard on acting. Insetad Hui Ni pushes her hand and says she has no more roads to walk and she will have her revenge one day. The show continues and Loshii’s appearance drives fans crazy. Summer pre-congratulate him for winning the best male actor (meaning they haven’t announce who is the winner)

Meanwhile at Ozen’s side he has pack his luggage and was standing in her room reminiscing about his time with her again. At Summer’s side, she was worrying about something because the moment someone calls her she’ll rush out. And they announce the winner for the best female actress award is “YI SUMMER!”. So she gives her speech and ends with thanking her husband for being by her side, without him she wouldn’t be here.” Ozen looks at her intently and finally leaves a letter on her table. (Won’t summaries the letter, I’ll leave it to all of to wonder) So Ozen is in the airport almost leaving someone calls out his name. Looking here and there he finds Summer, still dressed in award outfit , standing. She says that she apologize for reading his letter before hand because she found his behavior very weird lately. Ozen then says that he has made so many mistakes and should let her be free and Summer says that he wasn’t the only one who was wrong and wants to be with him forever. There was still a slight conversation and Ozen hugs her and tells her not to lie to him. So they stood there in each other arms, anyone who pass by to stop and glance at them will understand how much in love they are.

Midsummer arrives, Xiao Cheng art and portfolio are displayed at the gallery. It slowly attracts people’s attention for his amazing work. One very fine day, Summer was seating at a bench of the street where she used to walk along with Xiao Cheng. At the corner there was a group of kids blowing bubbles and there were lots and lots of bubbles. Suddenly she felt her baby gave a kick, smiling and knowing that the baby was playing with her. One more month and till the baby’s birth. The baby was playing with her as she touched her tummy. She lift her head up smiling and saw Ozen waiting for her not very far. He was standing beside the car observing her, with his soft eyes, his smile was filled with happiness.

*The End*


  1. thanks for giving me closure to this wonderful story. i started reading the translation somewhere but it wasn't complete. im glad she ended up with ouchan/ozen. i was routing for him through out the story

  2. Finally the ending ♥_♥
    I'm so happy that she ended up with Ou Chen ♥ *-*

    Thank you very much for translating the ending xoxo

  3. It's too bad that Xia Mo (Summer) did not end up with Luo Xi (Loshii). I mean Ou Chen (Ozen) finally learned to let go for her happiness, and I can't help but feel that Xia Mo chose to stay with him because they were married and she was carrying his child. It's kind of a part of her personalities, valueing family over love. As for Luo Xi, I feel that he would never be able to love anyone else but Xia Mo, and it's really sad tbh.